PixelstoLife - Downton Abbey Bottle Blunder

Downton Abbey Bottle Blunder

Downton Abbey Bottle Blunder – Genuine Mistake or Clever Guerrilla Marketing?

Poor Downton Abbey hit the headlines this week for all the wrong reasons when eagle-eyed fans spotted a modern plastic bottle in a promotional photograph for the forthcoming fifth series.

PixelstoLife - Downton Abbey Bottle BlunderThe hit TV show which is often commended for its accurate depiction of life in 1920’s Britain ignited an online sensation when the continuity error was spotted and it quickly went viral – compromising the shows authenticity as plastic bottles didn’t become available until some forty years later!

It’s always funny when such a gaffe is made so publicly, but I’m dubious towards the authenticity of the blunder. A genuine mistake? I’m not so sure. Clever guerrilla marketing? Quite Possibly!
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