Industry Web Site Template Designs

A website template is a pre-designed website with its layout, colour scheme and functionality already predetermined by the designer. They’re a kind of ‘off the shelf’ type of website, and at PixelstoLife we think they’re great!

We’ll never use or sell someone else’s templates, but we’ve invested the time in designing and developing our own for our customers ease and satisfaction. Not everyone knows or understands the principals of web designing and often, we find that some of our customers don’t really know what they want their website to do or how it’ll work for their company.

May we present a website template? Something that is designed to spawn your own creative juices with and give your web project a kick-start, perhaps? That’s exactly what our range of affordable industry specific web site templates are for. Whether you’re new to online business or business in general, then a web site template might just be for you! Don’t forget, we even tailor your chosen design to your brand so no two websites will ever be the same!

See our full range of pre-designed website templates here.

If you’d like to find out more about our Template web site design services please contact us, or you can view some of our best work in our portfolio.