What is a Content Management System?

A Content Management System (CMS) gives you, the website owner complete control over your website and allows you to add, remove and edit the content (text and images) on your site from anywhere with an internet connection.

A CMS is a user-friendly interface which you login to directly from your website’s homepage to be able to edit every single element of your website quickly, easily and in real-time. Powered by a database which your website developer will setup and install for you, a CMS is ideal for a website of any size, but they come into their own when running a large website.

A website which is powered by a CMS is known as a dynamic website as its database allows for the quick linking to and referencing of information anywhere on your website. Pages are generated as the internet browser starts to load your website which means sites and pages with a lot of information can still be displayed to the user with little to no loading time.

At PixelstoLife we favour WordPress and Drupal as the best Content Management Systems in our opinion. Both systems are easy to learn, use and understand, and being open source platforms, there is an abundance of help, advice and information online.

If you’d like to find out more about our CMS web site design services please contact us, or you can view some of our best work in our portfolio.

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