Logo Design & Branding

A logo has to embody the image of a company or organization and promote instant public recognition through the medium of visual art and typography. This makes logo design and company branding one of the most important areas of graphic design and possibly one of the most difficult areas to perfect too.

With every business being a unique vision of its owners, logo design has to be a bespoke and dedicated service to properly convey the company’s identity and ethos across all marketing channels and company peripherals.

The current era of logo design use ideograms (symbols and icons) with a combination of type fonts and colours to generate a more abstract design. This abstraction makes logos and therefore, companies more recognisable in increasingly globalised markets – the colour and shape of a strong logo can translate language.

As a logo is meant to make a company’s brand and products recognisable it means that continuous re-development is counter-productive. Therefore, the design process requires a clear idea about the concept and values of the brand, but also the understanding of its consumers too. For this reason logo design requires the involvement of a marketing team and a design agency.

At PixelstoLife we take broad steps in the design process of your company’s logo. From formulating the concept and creating an initial design we’ll work closely with you to finalise a logo concept, colour theme and format.

Get us to design your brand new logo and visit our shop.

If you’d like to find out more about our Fully Bespoke logo design services please contact us, or you can view some of our best work in our portfolio.

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