Email Template Design

Email marketing has grown considerably over recent years as more and more companies begin to favour the medium for its impressive range of benefits to a business. Email marketing is low-cost, fast and direct as it typically involves sending an email to communicate a promotional message to a selected group of recipients.

Companies can gather list of email address from previous customers and prospect clients to build up loyalty or solicit sales, enhancing the relationship with the merchant.

Every email sent to a customer or prospect client should be considered as email marketing and so each message should carry your brand directly into their inbox. A html email template is a single web page which a email browser (Google Mail, MS Outlook, Hotmail etc) can open and display complete with graphics, animations and other forms of calls to action. A beautifully, well designed email can engage and convert it’s readers into leads and sales, and with the help of some third-party software you can accurately track your emails and calculate your return on investment.

Industry Specific Templates

At PixelstoLife we have a collection of industry specific email templates that are proven to engage their readers and have driven sales for businesses in and around London. As with web design there is a science to a successful email marketing campaign and that’s generally based around the layout of the design and it’s content, and our email template designs are based on a best practice for each industry.

You’re free to use the template as many times as you want and they’ve been tested to ensure that the display correctly in all major and current email service providers and internet browsers. With the aid of some html editing software and / or a mass-email subscription service you’ll be able to edit our templates with ease by following our clean, commented html coding. Soon, your branded html emails will begin to improve your communication with your audience.

Custom Email Templates

More often than not, an email marketing campaign supports and works in parallel with other forms of marketing campaigns to create voice across various mediums. An email could be subsequent to a list-building endeavour and a follow up to a telephone call for example. Alternatively you could have an email campaign which targets a specific demographic within your audience or be promoting a particular product of service that’s exclusive to you.

However big or small your email marketing campaign is, it’s important that it accurately represents you and your business. This means that the purpose of the email can dramatically influence its design and for that reason we’re on hand to create a fully custom, professional html email.

We can generate bespoke email designs for your business by working in alignment with, or by helping to establish new branding guidelines. You’ll have access to our knowledge and professional advice on how to best move forward with your latest email marketing campaign.

If you’d like to find out more about our email design services please contact us, or you can view some of our best work in our portfolio.