Ebay Shop & Listing Design Services

With Ebay having been around for almost 20 years now it’s arguably the world’s biggest and most well-known eCommerce website around. As an online auction and shopping website Ebay receives a tremendous amount of traffic each day and this can be a profitable and viable sales channel for any online retail business.

With a huge demand comes an even bigger supply and Ebay has an abundance of both private and business vendors selling goods across a plethora of market places. More often that not, a specific market place is rife with competition from sellers of all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes it can be easy to just nestle in amongst the competition and pick off sales here and there, but at PixelstoLife we look at Ebay as an online high street or shopping centre with lots of brands selling within the same vicinity. Therefore, we believe that your point of difference should be on branding.

There’s a number of ways to promote your brand on Ebay, even if you’re not a business user, and it’s the way in which you present your products on Ebay that will get them selling – more so than price in our opinion. A well designed item listing should give your visitors all relevant information about your particular product. It’s your space to sell, so use it well!

We currently have a healthy client base of Ebay sellers and with that comes tonnes of information to help you on your way to becoming an Ebay Top Rated Seller. We’ve worked closely with iCraveBeauty – one of the UK’s biggest hair retailers on Ebay since they first came to being. PixelstoLife designed and built their Ebay shop and product listings and they maintain that it’s the strength of their brand which earned them their current position on Ebay.

Our other clients also all concur that a great listing design and the presentation of a brand on Ebay has helped to increase their conversion rate on the auction site, but don’t just take our word for it:

[quote]Pixeltolife really does stand out from the rest with excellent creativity. I highly recommend ”PIXEL TO LIFE” to other business owners who require a new ebay template design. With Pixelstolife you get everything you need to bring your website / template pages to life. David Boriél, Total Gain.[/quote]

Industry Specific Templates

As with web design there are some best practices and methods around to help promote your products and services on Ebay, and this is usually based around the design and layout of your product listings and Ebay shop.

Online shopping is an intangible process where customers buy your products based on the presentation and description of your items, and the way you convey this information is key to selling online – whichever channel you’re using. It takes a good layout design to be able to display all necessary information to your prospect clients without falling into the trap of information overload. A fine balance of quality, high resolution images and detailed descriptions will engage and help to convert your customers and build up your presence online.

Ebay are infamous for constantly moving the goal posts when it comes to being one of their sellers and so at PixelstoLife we can help you to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a strong position within Ebay’s rankings. With this in mind we’ve developed a library of industry specific listing templates to help you on your way to eCommerce success on Ebay.

Our templates will help you to display your items in their best light by wrapping them in your brand and highlighting all relevant information to your audience in a user-friendly and legible way which will lead to a greater following and increased sales on Ebay.

Custom Shop Design

The possibility exists to build and establish a brand on Ebay with an Ebay Shop / Store for business owners. As a basic shop owner you get up to 5 custom pages which you can use to further promote your products and services. Essentially, you a can build a basic website within Ebay for your customers to gain a greater understanding about you and your business.

This is your space to stand out amongst the masses and convert prospect customers into fully paying customers and a strong brand goes a long way with this.

At PixelstoLife we used our extensive knowledge and experience of Ebay to help guide you and your business to Ebay success.

If you’d like to find out more about our Ebay shop and listing design services please contact us, or you can view some of our best work in our portfolio.