Domain names & Web Hosting

A domain name is basically your websites identification on the world wide web. It’s a string of characters and / or numbers which once registered (subject to availability) acts as a memorable location online. Companies and organisations usually choose a domain name that corresponds to their brand to help internet users to reach them easily.

Choosing a Domain name

When choosing a domain name you should try to aim for an address the corresponds directly to your company. These are keywords which will identify your website online and so it should be easy to type, kept short and ideally you should avoid hyphens. The extension of a domain name is important too as internet users typically gravitate to a .com or address, but there are many other extensions available which can also be used to reflect your business.

Website Hosting

Once registered, your domain name can then be set up to host both a website and email services. Web hosting is file space on a server (a computer permanently connected to the internet) where your website is saved. Like individual files in a folder, all information and pages of your website is held in this space for an internet browser to open when someone visits your web site.

There is an abundance of domain name and website hosting providers around these days, and each of them offer an array of products and services which can lead to a bit of information overload. This is why we offer a free domain name and website hosting for one year with every brand new website built by us. We take the headache of registering and setting up a domain name, email address and website hosting so that you don’t have to.

We’re here to help you to choose the best web address for your business and as well as giving you the best website hosting package that ensures your website runs quickly and smoothly.

Website Analytics

The world wide web can be a vast and lonely place for a website without any visitors (traffic) going to it. In January 2014 a report has shown that there’s almost 1 billion registered domain names and nearly 200 million websites currently online! That’s a lot of websites!

The trials and tribulations of having a website is getting people to find you online. This can be done in so many ways from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to offline advertising with flyers, posters and commercials etc. The expense of giving your website exposure can be huge, so the best way to see a return on investment is to document how your visitors engage with your website and then tailoring it to meet their needs not yours.

Website analytics is one of the most important tools when you own a website as it gives you invaluable data on who visits your website, which pages they viewed, when they left your site etc. Tonnes of information which well help you to develop the website to truly engage and convert your visitors. At PixeltoLife we use Goolge Analytics which is arguably the best free web master tool around and your brand new website will be formally submitted to and tracked by Google Analytics. You’ll receive regular reports about your websites progress or we can even give you access to the tools for you to grow your website yourself.

If you’d like to find out more about our domain name and hosting services please contact us, or you can view some of our best work in our portfolio.